The Movie of the Millennia

June 16, 2014

Subject: Peace in the Middle East

In this Movie Christianity has Fallen from Grace.

We are entering a time period of great difficulty for the people on this planet. Allah now knows the depth of evil certain people are willing to go, to prove their own superiority. These people will be severely punished. In punishing these people, all people on this planet will unfortunately suffer greatly.

Allah requests that the people of the Middle East quit fighting each other. Conserve your strength for the time of great difficulty ahead. Reach out to your brothers and sisters in peace. Ease all pain and suffering, do not cause it. Work together to build a world where everyone is treated fairly and accordance with the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

You will require a strong body and mind to survive this period of great difficulty. Fighting only weakens the body and mind. Put down your guns and embrace peace.


May the Flowers of Your Garden Bloom Brightly


July 25, 2014

Subject: A Prisoner of War (POW) in One's Own Country

In This Movie God becomes a POW - In The Holy War

An article in the June 29, 2014, Sacramento Bee; written by Sam McManis, on "Internment camp's silent testimony to grim past," got this screenwriter thinking about what it is like to be a POW.

During World War II the US government placed thousands of citizens of Japanese descent into Internment Camps after the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Making them POWs in their own country. Later, in the 1980's legislation admitted that government actions were based on "race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership." It is always interesting at how history repeats itself. Except in this movie, it is due to gender prejudice, and religious (Holy War) hysteria, not race prejudice or an official war declaration (hysteria).

There may have been no fences or barbed wire, but the almighty dollar itself can be used quite effectively by individuals in high positions to exert control over people and to put them into that cattle chute, called employment, where they can keep them confined (interned), with the ultimate confinement being "death." God got caught in this cattle chute, but jumped before they had her killed.

These internment methods feed the sense of moral superiority by the Shadow Government, and fuel their "Reign of Terror." The Shadow Government believes they are justified in their actions. God would say they are not.

In a later article, on July 4th, in the Sacramento Bee, written by a Steve Chawkins and Keith Thursby of the Los Angeles Times, entitled, "Louis Zamperini, 1917-2014, "Olympic track star became POW who survived two years of torment," Zamperini stated; "I could take the beatings and the physical punishment, but it was the attempt to destroy your dignity, to make you a nonentity, that was the hardest thing to bear." And every night, after his release from a Japanese Prison Camp, Louis Zamperini was visited by his tormentor in his nightmares. "No matter what other nightmares I had...I was always strangling him with my hands around his throat."

God knows what Louis Zamperini is talking about. The Shadow Government, performed unrelenting psychological torture, attempted to make God a nonentity; only referring to God as an "it." This is how the Nazi's began in doing what they did to the Jews, et al., they destroyed their dignity, they made them a nonentity. They made them an "IT."

The behavior exhibited by these Shadow Government types would best be labeled as Nazi Monsters. The amount of War Crimes committed against God is staggering.

Poisoning, torture, rape, and implanting of "pricey electronics" to ensure continuance and reinforcement of  the pain and torture; under the Articles of the Geneva Convention, constitutes Grave Breaches of the Articles, and are War Crimes, worthy of a Nuremberg Trial. And execution of all those complicit.

A God, a "Real God," gets their power from the Universe, not from some talking head; in Washington, D.C., or some religious institution. Nor does a "Real God" get their power from money.

God knows that Thor's Hammer is about to hit this planet, the second death. Only God and those who aid in her Resurrection (obtaining justice) will be protected from the second death, the lake of fire.

All God can say to anybody else on this planet is:

"Good Luck" in surviving the second death, the lake of fire. It will be hell on this planet.

It will be DOOMSDAY 2026.


August 26, 2014

Subject: The Cattle Chute To Hell.

In This Movie YOU are in that Cattle Chute

The woman and children in the picture shown went down a cattle chute to what they were told were showers. They were not. They were poisoned in gas chambers.Millions died. It was a chute to hell for all of us to see, and never forget. But we have.

Shortly after the end of World War II, the American Government, under Operation Paper Clip brought over 1,500 German Scientists from the Nazi Regime, to the United States. Many of them wound up in Idaho, where they were allowed to develop the "Wares of Their Trade," i.e., poisoning.

There are no fences, no barbed wire, no gas chambers with incinerators blowing human ashes out. But there are deaths. Deaths by people who consider themselves morally superior to others. They consider themselves above the law, because up to now they have gone unchallenged. But God caught them.

Yes God caught them. About the only thing God is sensitive to is chemicals. Even at low levels, God detected them. And so did the Powers of the Universe. These people, now will be stopped. But unfortunately so, quite probably, will be everybody else.

Good luck to you, for you are in the chute to hell.

It will be Doomsday 2026.

September 25, 2014, Revised February 12, 2015

Subject:  CHOICE

In This Movie You Have Your Choice of HELL - Choose Your Hell Carefully!!!

Something very sinister is growing in the shadows in this country. As if poisoning and rape were not enough, these people that do their evil deeds from the shadows, want to broaden their "Reign of Terror" to enshroud this planet and everyone on it. But God votes "NO."

In September of 2013, Aaron Alexis, shot and killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Shipyard. Alexis's symptoms were surprisingly similar to those experienced by God during the first year after a hospital surgical procedure. God came out of that hospital with more than she went in with. God came out with an implant of some kind. God came out with solid evidence of this sinister activity happening in this country. Evidence that can be used to put a nail in the casket of this, "Reign of Terror," if the LAW were to RULE.

So you have a choice:

1. Your LAW can continue to ignore this growing sinister activity. To not allow the regulation of cell phone/radio towers. To not prosecute those involved in the poisoning, rape, or deployment of implants.To do nothing.

In which case these people will continue to do their poisoning, raping, and deployment of implants to the extent that all you will know is fear. People will shoot others at an increasing frequency. More airplanes will fall from the sky. Nuclear weapons will be discharged. And eventually the human population will cease to exist on this planet, because you will have killed yourselves off.

2. Your LAW can do their job. Then maybe, just maybe, more people, including you, will survive.

3. Leave it in God's hands. Well good luck with that one. Those ships heading towards this planet only have room for 144,000 people. The people left behind on this planet will perish.

So choose carefully.

God is "Commander-in-Chief" of over 200 million troops provided by the "Powers of the Universe." God is an Admiral. The "Powers of the Universe" will not allow the inhabitants of this planet to go out any further into the universe, not without being under their "Rule." The inhabitants on this planet are now considered too much of a threat to the survival of the universe and other developing civilizations. Your LAW will rule, or.......

It will be Doomsday 2026.


October 26,2014, Revised November 27, 2014

Subject: The Ring

In This Movie The Ring From Heaven Fights The Ring From Hell

The ring shown comes from an article in the September 21, 2014, Sacramento Bee, written by Terrence McCoy of the Washington Post, entitled, "Researchers Uncover Nazi Gas Chambers in Poland." It was inscribed in Hebrew; "With this ring you are consecrated to me.".It got this screenwriter thinking about the many definitions of ring. As in the ring of a phone call. For in this movie, Susan Marie Warner received a phone call, a ring from heaven and with that ring she was consecrated to the heavens. She joined the ranks of the gods, she is god.

As stated in the article, "Few sites across war-torn Poland harbor more secrets of atrocity and horror than the Nazi concentration camp of Sobibor. Different from Auschwitz, which almost immediately yielded the full scope of the crimes committed there, the history of Sobibor in eastern Poland was initially hidden and opaque." It was covered up.

The ring shown was found buried in a well the Germans had plugged at Sobibor. It was a ring from where an estimated 250,000 lives were extinguished, it was hell.

Before the gas chambers was a road called Himmelfahrsstrasse: "Road to Heaven." As the article describes, "When Jews arrived at those buildings, a man stood dressed in a white coat, according to one German officer who later testified to what happened there, "he used to wear a white coat to give the impression he was a physician," the officer said." He provided them a false impression of someone who would not harm them.

That was no Road to Heaven. God doesn't have to imagine the terror they felt. God knows the terror they felt. For god too was poisoned and had men wearing white coats who were not real doctors. Men that caused god great harm.

Finally this cycle of Nazi monsters will come to an end.

It will be Doomsday 2026.



December 28, 2014

Subject:  Einstein

In this Movie Einstein is a Key

Einstein made several quotes about the end of this world, but the primary one of interest in this movie is:

  • "I do not believe that civilization will be wiped out in a war fought with an atomic bomb. Perhaps two-thirds of the people of the earth will be killed."

In this movie Einstein is Susan Marie Warner's favorite historical figure. And for good reason, for his quotes are key to understanding the Biblical Chapter, "Revelation." This chapter states that one-third of the world's population are killed in this final battle. And it is repeated twice.

Approximately one third of the global population considers themselves Christian, while another third are patriarchal based religions. Since Susan is roped into the "Holy War" by the Christians, and as shown in this movie, God is a woman, it is the Christian religion that is thrown into the lake of fire, along with all of their followers. Followed quite probably by all other patriarchal religions and their followers. After all if you make the Powers of the Universe get out of bed to travel millions of light years  to deal with your problems, it will be off with almost every body's head. It's just simpler.

Yes for all patriarchal led religions and their followers;

It will be Doomsday 2026.


December 30, 2014

Subject: The British Want The Ol' Pooh Bear Back

In This Movie The Powers of The Universe Want Their Pooh Bear Too; As in Susan Marie Warner, to Rule Earth - And They Are Coming. 

This past weekend's newspaper had an article about how the English want their original stuffed Winnie-The-Pooh, that is currently residing at the New York Public Library, back in Britain. It got this old screenwriter thinking about this country's early relationship with Britain, as in Paul Revere's ride, in 1775, to alert the patriots by lanterns; "One if by Land and two if by Sea," of how the British were coming.

In Susan's case, the Powers of the Universe had to come up with some other method of informing her they were coming, other than obviously by lanterns. And they did so quite successfully. She is grateful to all the other alien abductees that have vocalized their abductions about experimentation's they were subjected to. The Powers of the Universe were just ensuring that everything, when needed to, would work.She knows earth is currently under siege, and if the law doesn't kick in and start doing their job, over 7 billion lives will be on the chopping block. For unlike the British, the Powers of the Universe are not defeatable. This planet belongs to them, we are all just squatters. Squatters whom they have seen enough heinous acts from and for whom:

It will be Doomsday 2026. 

February 12, 2015

Subject: Symbols

In This Movie Religion Is Seen as The Driver Behind "The Reign of Terror," By The Powers Of The Universe.

Every religion has it's symbols: The Star of David for Judaism, The Cross for Christianity and the Star and Crescent for Islam. So what is in these symbols?

The Star of David is also known as the Shield of David. The Shield of David was the title of The God of Israel, and refers to the divine protection of King David and by which God is compared to a shield.

The Cross was depicted by the ancient Egyptians in the hands of the Goddess Sekhet as a sign of life whereas in the hands of the Christians it was a sign of the crucifix. That which is used to kill people with, i.e., the sword.

There is another cross known as the gammadion cross, now commonly referred to as the swastika. This cross is also considered to be a very sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The word swastika is derived from Sanskrit meaning "Lucky or Auspicious Object." But unfortunately, in the past century, became a symbol of the Nazi Party.

The Star and Crescent apparently are derived from Babylonian Mythology where the Crescent symbolizes the Moon God Sin who was the father of time and the Star is the Supreme Ruling Sun God Shamash, the judge of heaven and earth. These were metaphors for the cosmic powers given to the Babylonian King to rule.

Except for the "Cross" the Star of David and The Star and Crescent have maintained their original symbolisim. Whereas the cross went from being a sign of life and a lucky or auspicious object, to a symbol of death, and suffering.

Well the Powers of the Universe now know how religion has changed from being an influence for peace to being the driver behind a "Reign of Terror." And now they have declared War against this planet which means for most people:

It will be Doomsday 2026.



February 12, 2015

Subject: Charles Darwin

In This Movie Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection Rules

Today is Darwin's birthday. And in this Movie, this old screenwriter says Darwin would agree, in the end it would be females who rule the Universe, afterall; who is it that occupy the most jail space, commit the most murders, start the most wars??? Well men of course. Men in the end kill everyone off. And our civilization is currently at that precipice where that will happen, unless the "Powers of the Universe," intervene.

And those powers are female. Over millioins of years, females are selected for. Women bring forth life, men take it. Women have a better chance of surviving solely on the basis that they are less likely to kill each other off. The physical strength of men is replaced by machines. Reproduction is handled through cloning in specialized tanks, women assume positions of power, the population is stabilized, and a utopia is created. A "heaven" on earth. 

But to get to that heaven, our shackles to ancient beliefs have to be removed. These ancient beliefs are replaced by an understanding of science and technology. Religion is replaced by Reason.

Unfortunately approximately two-thirds of our global population are still shackled to ancient beliefs. They are the dinosaurs. And now, just like the dinosaurs, they will go extinct. The Powers of the Universe has declared war against them and yes for them:

It will be Doomsday 2026.


July 24, 2016

Subject: The Special Police Force

In This Movie GOD is the Universal Police

In the February 12th, Symbols, above,.the Star of David was known as the Shield of David the label for the God of Israel, in which God was the divine protector, the Shield. And that Shield, Susan Marie, has been significantly disabled because of the stupid beliefs held by people that think they rule this planet. They do not. They disabled the only shield they have between themselves and the Powers of the Universe.

Because of the evil deeds perpetrated against her, she is no longer able to protect them. She can only tell them,"Good Luck" for when Hell hits this planet. For the Powers of the Universe have already cast Judgement down against them. The demise of these people has already been scheduled. The law in the US had to have ruled to protect them, but they did not. Now it is up to the Powers of the Universe to ensure this planet is cleansed (much like the Noah story) of these evil people.

The only questions that are yet to be answered, is what will be left of the continental land masses and whom will be left alive? Because for most people:

It will be Doomsday 2026.

Never since Nostradamus or the Mayan Prophecy of 12-21-2012 has there been a prediction so on target.

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 The Biblical Chapter "Revelation" Has Been Entered.

 We are in the middle of the Apocalypse.