The Movie of the Millennia

The Second Coming Has Occurred.

The Second Mary, The True Christ, Walks.

First Contact Has Been Achieved.

And You Are Dead Soon.


In a world where the USA has been found guilty of crimes against humanity, war has been declared. Susan Marie Warner, after uncovering heinous criminal activity in Idaho, finds herself caught up in this war between the powers of the universe and the powers on this planet.

Of course, the powers of the universe will prevail and provide us a New World Order. Unfortunately, it is not what most people were hoping for.

It is DOOMSDAY 2026.


Never since Nostradamus or the Mayan Prophecy of 12-21-2012 has there been a prediction so on target.

 The Biblical Chapter "Revelation" Has Been Entered.

 We are in the middle of the Apocalypse.