The Movie of the Millennia

In a land where the law rules as King and Lady Justice as Queen, (Together they form the "Almighty"). Susan Marie Warner wakes to find that both have failed her. Both are corrupt, filled by the influence of the Shadow Government. She finds people that consider themselves so above the law, that they think they can get by with murder. And they would, except for one fact: There is always a "Higher Power" out there watching and searching for these types of crimes. 

Susan, knew these "Higher Powers" existed, she had encountered them as a young child. She was just not aware of what that alien encounter was all about until 40 years later. She finds that they had been with her all along watching and searching as she worked as an engineer in the nuclear sector. They had incorporated her into their Surveillance program of planet earth. They made her a ground observer deployed (GOD) on this planet. They were the wind beneath her wings to keep her aloft and soaring, while everyone else on this planet was trying to enslave her in their chains. They protected her from those that think of themselves above the law. The ones that want her voice silenced. The ones that want her dead.

In this land, these people have created their own "Babylon" the city out of the Biblical Chapter Revelation. "Babylon," the home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit. Through Susan, the "Higher Power," saw and heard what was going on behind closed doors; they detected the poison going through her veins, the poisoning of the waters, the poisoning of her son, the serving of the maddening wine by people thinking themselves as Gods, they heard the slain crying for justice, they saw that the law does not rule this land, they knew these people brought down the towers, they got the evidence they needed to justify war, and they declared war.

Whereas, Susan saw Auschwitz, the Jewish concentration camps. The "Higher Powers" saw Babylon,  which as written in "Revelation" will soon never be found again. Susan finds herself running out of time to save lives on this planet. These "Higher Powers," sent her a radio transmission indicating they were "Coming." Susan knows a fleet of great destroyers (Armageddon is in process), are descending upon this planet. She has been given the only "Lifeboat" off this planet. 

In a race against time, and the powers on this planet, she soon finds such attempts to save lives are all in vain. After all God can only help those that help themselves. And the people on this planet only proceed to desecrate her in their own vain attempt to get her to further their "Reign of Terror." These people have her raped, and after surgery a few years later, she finds that the powers on this planet have placed some "Pricey Electronics" in her abdomen, which are probably connected to a bomb. Either way, she is carrying the evidence as to who actually brought down the World Trade Center.

Susan hightails it to Sacramento, California, where she heeds commands from the "Higher Powers,"  to "Stay Safe" while they complete their design for the fatal blow to this land. To the "Higher Powers " all people on this planet are a potential threat to completion of her mission; to witness the end, of the "Reign of Terror." 

Susan watches in awe as the "Higher Powers" of the Universe obliterate this world, and establish a New World Order. An Alien World. She rules with the law as King. For she is LADY JUSTICE. She is GOD!!!


Never since Nostradamus or the Mayan Prophecy of 12-21-2012 has there been a prediction so on target.

 The Biblical Chapter "Revelation" Has Been Entered.

 We are in the middle of the Apocalypse.

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